Panties of the Southern Wild

Those of you who are long-term readers of Baddest Mother Ever will know EGGZACKLY what I’m talking about when I make reference to the FPU.  For you newbies, that’s the Feral Panties Unit.  That’s our chief investigative body assigned to figuring out why some people “just leaves they panties where they fall,” to quote my friend Julie’s cleaning lady.  The Feral Panties Unit was formed about this time last year when I stumbled upon this startling scene in the parking lot at work:

Day Two

I expounded upon my theories about the provenance of those parking lot panties in “If You Walk Out of Your Panties,” with followups in:

Law and Order: FPU (Feral Panties Unit)

chalk outline

Law and Order FPU: Vice Squad

vice squad

Law and Order FPU: K9 Division


Law and Order FPU: Series Finale?

no panties

Well, guess what, Dear Readers!  I think we’re hot on the tail of those wanderin’ panties once again.  Check out this photo sent to me yesterday by Leigh in Vicksburg, Mississippi:

Vicksburg FPU

Are our feral panties hiding out under an assumed identity in Mizzizzippi?  It looks like it’s time for FPU to crack another case. (See that?  See what I did there?)

Now, given that it’s Friday, let’s have some fun with these panties.  CAPTION CONTEST!  Leave your caption for Leigh’s photo in the comments!  We fight not for prizes but for glory.  

2 thoughts on “Panties of the Southern Wild

  1. Atlanta Leigh

    Hotty Toddy, Gosh Almighty, where the hell are we?
    Flim Flam, Bim Bam,
    We are panties on the Lam!


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