Law and Order FPU: K9 Division

Episode Three

 “In Our Fair City’s war on feral panties, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Canine Investigations Squad. These are their stories.”


904446_10200380527228800_407350337_oDay Four, 9:00am.  Special Agent Huckleberry is on the case.

OK, seriously…I am trying to write but that expression on Huck’s face cracks me up so bad that I can’t think straight.  So that means it’s time for a CAPTION CONTEST!!!  What would you caption that photo of the world’s silliest Greater Pike Hound on the case of the feral panties?  Leave your answer in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Law and Order FPU: K9 Division

  1. Karen Higgins

    I’m nooooot looking! (Come on, just a peek). No! I’m no looking!! (But they’re PINK!). No no no no no no no! I’m not looking and you can’t make me!!!

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