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Saturday Snort – The Sexiest Old White Men of American Literature


I’m probably going to English Major Hell for this one, but here goes…


OK, no more jokes about Poe. I shall poke fun at him nevermore.




Man, wouldn’t it be cool if T.S. Eliot was the surprise guest at next year’s Super Bowl halftime show? Maybe doing a duet with One Direction.




We always see pictures of Samuel Clemens in a white suit…so OF COURSE he wears tighty whities! Mystery solved.

If you like funny stories about underwear, check out this classic Baddest Mother Ever post:

If You Walk Out of Your Panties

Saturday Snort–Charming

Walking out of my shoe has NEVER resulted in a marriage proposal…



Saturday Snort–Shockingly Bad Jokes

This fellow is called “Bad Joke Eel.”  Here are a few examples of how he earned that name:










I hope these have you ‘eeling happy!



Saturday Snort–Yard Sale


To continue this week’s themes of consignment sales, panties and goat butts:

yard sale

Saturday Snort–Say What??

You-clearly-look-confused-lYesterday, I made reference to a traditional Polish proverb:  “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”  Here are some other odd sayings from other languages…

  • Hebrew: You don’t threaten a prostitute using a penis.
  • Russian: Don’t threaten a hedgehog with your naked butt.
  • Korean: You got a cat to watch your fish. (you came up with a solution that didn’t solve anything)
  • Norwegian: Taste is like the butt. It’s divided.
  • Finnish: Climbed up the tree ass first (idiotic)
  • My Grandfather:  You’re going around your ass to get to your elbow.
  • French: Having noodles framing your asshole (lucky)
  • Arabic: You bury me (I love you so much, I want to die before you do)
  • Spanish: I don’t even have a dead guy at this funeral (I don’t have a dog in this fight)
  • German: Two idiots, one thought (great minds think alike)
  • Russian: In times like these, it helps to remember there have always been times like these.