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Saturday Snort–Ain’t No Party Like a NASA Party


I think this baby looks like Prince George…except for the belly hanging out and the Sears photo studio backdrop. And that backdrop looks like it’s covered in dog hair, right?


Saturday Snort–Shockingly Bad Jokes

This fellow is called “Bad Joke Eel.”  Here are a few examples of how he earned that name:










I hope these have you ‘eeling happy!



Saturday Snort–Unfortunate Cookie

Well, this seems terribly specific:


see it coming



Vivi and I were clowning around in the parking lot at Lowe’s the other day.  

“I love you, Mommy.”

“I love you more.” 

“I love you the most in the universe.”

“I love you all of that, plus one.”  

“I love you eleventy fifty zillion billion more much.”

“I love you all of that, plus one.”

“I love you more than mac and cheese.”

“I love you more than butter…but a little bit less than biscuits.”

A grandmother, loading flats of zinnias into her car, had been listening to us and smiling.  When she heard about the biscuits, she hooted with laughter.  She giggled, “Imma have to get that on a t-shirt.”   






Saturday Snort–What the Alarm Said


One time, I was teaching a 7:30 a.m class in a portable trailer classroom. Typically, Security would turn off the alarm system on their early morning rounds.  But on that day, when I arrived at 7:00 a.m. and opened the door with my key, the alarm began to shriek.  BLAP!  BLAP!  BLAP! BLAP! BLAP!  

No worries.  I picked up the phone and called Security. 

“Hey.  This is Ashley.  I’m down here in the trailer and the alarm is going off. Can you tell me the code to disable it?”  

The security officer said, “OK, ma’am.  What’s the alarm saying?”

I paused for a second.  What a dumb question, right?  

I said, “It’s saying BLAP!  BLAP!  BLAP! BLAP! BLAP!  Can’t you hear it?”

The officer chuckled and said, “I mean, what’s the error code on the alarm?”