Law and Order: FPU (Feral Panties Unit)

“In the Underwear Investigation System the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The freaks who leave panties lying about and the Intrepid Bloggers who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.”


5pm update...panties still there, shadows growing longer.

Day One, 5pm:  Sunset over the unders.


Day Two

Day Two:  Panties still there, but looking a lot more gritty than yesterday.


How long will they remain in the parking lot?  I give it until Friday.  We are Southerners and our capacity for ignoring the awkward or unpleasant is legend.

14 thoughts on “Law and Order: FPU (Feral Panties Unit)

      1. catroth

        panties, panties, everywhere. That and the single shoe. You rarely find a pair of shoes, but pairs of panties seem to be prevalent in all the finest Athens parking establishments…

  1. Jackie Hayes

    When I worked at Publix in Winder we found a pair of panties in the deli.No body would claim them.We don’t know if a customer lost them or if an employee did.It was a great mystery.We laughed about it for days.

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