Law and Order FPU: Series Finale?

Day 13:  Final Case Notes

Giant country music concert in town last night with Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.  I hear Ludacris even drove over from Atlanta.  Seventy thousands fans in town for the show.  

Boybutante Ball also downtown at the 40 Watt.  Huge annual drag show fundraiser for HIV/AIDS charities in Northeast Georgia.  

Plus it’s prom season.

AND turkey season.


no panties

Conclusion:  Them panties done R-U-N-N-O-F-T.  

Quiz Question:  What country song best sums up our adventure with these feral panties? 

Bonus Question:  What movie featured that line?  

14 thoughts on “Law and Order FPU: Series Finale?

  1. Lisa

    All I can imagine is someone yelling “BONUS – FREE PANTIES!! And they’re PINK!!!!”

    My sanity may have runned oft.

  2. debrahelwig

    Bets someone at ACC thought it was their civic duty to remove & destroy – just so all them country fans didn’t get a WRONG IMAGE of our little town…I mean, do the powers that be in our humble ‘burg want the residents of the big city to think that Athens is a home to feral pink panties run wild?!

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