If You Liked “The Engagement Fart”….

If you got a chuckle out of my story The Engagement Fart, head on over to The Oatmeal and read this hilarious (and incisive) comic about Tipping and Tooting!  


Click the pic to read the entire story…it’s well worth it, especially if you’ve ever worked waiting tables. 

Thanks to Danae Poulos for reading this and thinking of me.  I like to think that I am a swan tooting in front of a sunset.  


2 thoughts on “If You Liked “The Engagement Fart”….

  1. Terri

    That is hilarious, and so, so true. I’ve never waited tables, but I worked in hospitality (front desk and concierge) and it’s the same (except that we weren’t allowed to accept tips). Which is why I always make a point of being nice to servers, etc. We just returned from our first Disney Cruise and had the conversation with our kids about how it’s important to treat ALL the crew well, whether it’s your stateroom “host,” dining room servers or the person cleaning up the barf on the pool deck. If there is but one thing I can teach my children, that lesson just might be it. 🙂


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