I’m Dreaming of a Big Gay Christmas

The writing prompt this week is “The Best Gift You Could Give Me This Christmas,” courtesy of Deanna Dennis at A Long Run.  This one is easy peasy!  I don’t really have a list of presents that I am hoping for this year–I just want a Big Gay Christmas.

Big Gay is my stepmother.  My fairy stepmother, because she has a gift for spreading magic all around her and making it look easy.   Christmas Eve at their house is my favorite family event of the year.  We call her “Big Gay” because we have more than one Gay in the family–my sister is named Gay and our stepmother is, too.  And we grew up in Gay, Georgia for that matter.  So when Daddy married Gay, we had to distinguish–thus Big Gay and Little Gay.

Here are a few things that make a Big Gay Christmas the best day in my year:

1.  Big Gay puts great thought and effort into decorating.  It makes me feel special to be surrounded by that much beauty.  Even during the years when she worked retail and didn’t get home until 8pm on Christmas Eve, we still had a glowing tree, fresh garlands and coconut cakes.  She once told me, “There’s so much in life that you can’t control, it just makes sense to me to make things as lovely as possible when you can.”

The dining room tree, reflected in a silver bowl.

The dining room tree, reflected in a silver bowl.

Nana's tree

Nana’s tree is silver and gold.

2.  Big Gay gives gifts that are carefully chosen for each person.  And every gift is wrapped in gorgeous paper and ribbon with a handwritten and tied gift tag.  One year, she gave me a white terry bath robe “because writers need a good robe.”  There were plenty of years when our gifts came from the pawn shop, but they were just what we had asked for.  One year when the grandchildren were small and LOVED opening presents, Big Gay went to the dollar store and bought all five of them 20 presents each.  Every plastic soldier or bottle of bubbles was lovingly wrapped and ribboned, then piled up in the middle of the floor so the kids could sort through 100 presents!

I wrapped these, but I stole all the ribbons from Big Gay.

I wrapped these, but I stole all the ribbons from Big Gay.

3.  Everyone gets a place at the table.  This might require extra tables in the kitchen and out on the porch, but each guest will have a seat and a lovely plate full of good food.  Big Gay makes sure the kids have tiny forks that fit their hands and cups that they can hold.  Papa asks the blessing and cries.

The slowest eater in the family.

The slowest eater in the family, still working on her biscuit.

gay decor two

4.  Even though Big Gay’s house looks like a spread in House Beautiful, it’s home.  It’s comfortable.  You can take your shoes off and unbutton your pants after dinner.

Barefoot with my baybuh.

Barefoot with my baybuh.

This was the year I bought Vivi's tights at the consignment sale and the elastic died!

This was the year I bought Vivi’s tights at the consignment sale and the elastic died!

5.  At Nana and Papa’s house, the kids can be kids.  This is the best part of Big Gay Christmas to me–there is magic tucked in every corner.  Frosty leaves his hat lying around.  Jumping on the furniture is tolerated and soccer in the library is perfectly fine.  Santa calls to tell everyone it’s time for bed.  Elmo chills out with a smoke.  We laugh and we laugh and we laugh.

gay santa calls

Santa calls to make sure the kids are heading to bed.

gay tree two

Nana loses a few ornaments each year to tiny curiosity.

gay soccer

Soccer? Sure. Just keep your kicks low.

gay globes

It always snows on Christmas Eve…at least in the snow globes.

gay furniture

Jumping on the furniture is fine.

gay ginger

Gingerbread houses sprout here and there.

gay frosty

Frosty left his hat in the kitchen.

gay elmo smoke

Even Elmo gets to relax.

That’s the present I’m most excited about this year–Big Gay Christmas.  It’s fabulous.  

My writing group is pondering this theme today.  Check out other thoughts at A Long Run!

29 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a Big Gay Christmas

  1. Tracy B

    I love your Big Gay Christmas! I want to be just like that for my grand kids and grand nieces and nephews! Far into the distant future, obviously.

  2. Joe

    I can vouch for all of these outlandish claims!! Big Gay does a wonderful job, not just at Christmas either. Easter will bring little egg shaped china plates with bunnies on them for the kids to use. Real rye grass growing in a centerpiece with decorated eggs hiding in the rye, just to name a couple! It truly is appreciated and cherished.

  3. Tracy Hunter

    Okay, let’s play ‘who do you know’? A LONG time ago (30 years or so – I’m 52), my mother (Judee Verner) was friends with Mary (Barrett?). Mary was friends with someone from Gay (my memory is failing here) and we went every year for several years running to the Gay Fair (probably officially called something else – cotton was involved?). The lady (Mary’s friend) had three kids (Gay, who became a doctor and Joe, who was at Delta Airlines and someone else. I even want to say there was a vet in there somewhere…was Mary’s friend married to a vet? Gay cannot be that big – does this sound familiar? Are you the 3rd child? Equally important, are either of us related to Kevin Bacon?

    1. Baddest Mother Ever

      I remember the name Judee Verner! Yes, I am that third kid, “someone else!” My mom, Janice, and Mary were great friends….still are!

      I’m not related to a friend, but my friend Brantley once met Mother Teresa and that chick knew EVERYBODY. So you are now 3 steps from kevin Bacon. Me–Brantley–Mother Teresa–BAM.

      1. Tracy Hunter

        Hope you were not offended by being called ‘someone else’…I’m old and my memory is bad!!

        Mom and Mary are still friends. I can’t wait to repeat this story; that I actually (sort of) know someone talented and funny and willing to put it out there for everyone to read. Please tell Janice I said hello – she won’t remember me, but she might remember my mom.

        I wish you all a very Merry Christmas this year.

      2. Baddest Mother Ever

        Not offended at all! I think it’s amazing that you made the connection. The more I thought about it yesterday, I remembered that your mom once gave me a gorgeous ruby red blouse when I first started working. I loved that shirt!

  4. Gay (BIG) Garrett

    Without a doubt this is my most treasured gift ever! I have been blessed with my stepchildren. All of you have made my life better and I love you.

  5. Brett

    How AWESOME! Wish i was a part of that family..oh wait.. I am, and it really is THAT GOOD and KIND and WARM and INVITING and EASY. And Papa really does cry.

  6. Debbie

    Will Big Gay and Sam adopt me? No college bills, all growed up, just want to sit at the table and take it all in!! Merry Christmas to y’all!

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