5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–My Grandmother’s Christmas Bell

  1. Wesleyankat

    When we got married, my mom took ornaments from each of her sets and gave me one. There are several ornaments that are older than me on the tree. Most of them come from Germany in the late 50s, early sixties. My favorite is a pink car with a parasol top. Not vary Christmasy, but I still love it.

  2. soapsnstilettos

    My great grandmother let me pick 5 ornaments off her tree when I was little to take home with me. I still have those beautiful glass oranments and I treasure them greatly. I no longer put them on the tree for fear of a cat or dog knockin git over so I hang them on a wreath in my dining room

    1. Baddest Mother Ever

      So sweet! I have a whole box of Grandmama Eunice’s pink glass ornaments. I used to put them on the dining room table in a crystal bowl, but they’ve been kept in the attic for years now…I’d be to crushed if they got crushed!


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