Saturday Snort

This came from my British friend, Ann.  It sure made me snort.  Hit “Like” if you get it!

darwin joke

(pssst:  This bird is called the Blue-Footed Boobie)

15 thoughts on “Saturday Snort

  1. Amanda Harris

    WordPress wouldn’t let me “like” this since I don’t have a WordPress account, but I LIKE and LOOOOOOVE this!!!

  2. Constance Grant

    Coincidentally, I was just flipping through David Attenborough’s book The Life of Birds the other day and that very picture gave me a much needed smile. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Chris Antenen

    Oh, that hurts! When I lost the last one I said, paint me blue and I’d look like a smurf. Now, all I need is one of these on a leash. You either make me laugh or cry.

  4. Susan Fliegel

    I sympathize with the bird — I’ve used that phrase thousands of times in my adult life, trying to get men to talk to my face, instead of my breasts.


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