Sunday Sweetness–Things To Desire

I have this poem on an old creased piece of notepaper, written out for me in my friend Mike’s very distinctive handwriting. It’s one of my most precious possessions. He sent it to me when we were new friends, long before I was heartbroken or frustrated or jaded. Long before I had known abiding love, great accomplishment, quiet peace. I come back to it every so often for a reminder of his kind gift and our long friendship.  I love him because he reminds me to be gentle with myself and to strive to be happy.

I hope you are a peace today.  Be cheerful.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sweetness–Things To Desire

  1. Chris

    I have a framed copy of the Desiderata by my desk. He has written so beautifully some really simple things. I wish my words could be so succinct and musical and meaningful . . .

    Mine says ‘Found in the Old St. Paul’s Church 1692’ which is apocryphal. I assume it to mean the church in Baltimore. The date is right for the building of the church, but you have the true poet in Max Ehrmann. The history of the poem is really something. Copyright was in effect, then not, then again – but now it’s not. I’m pretty sure you have the date right, too.

    I like the poem because you can take any line and make it meaningful for the day. I wish I could say someone gave me mine, but I probably found it at a garage sale. I carried a small copy from a magazine for years, but it went the way of most billfold items – almost in shreds. My daughter carried a copy, too, and her girlfriend gave her a framed copy for her library/office/computer/whatever room.

    I’m happy you have it. Now I can also think of you when I look at it. Sometimes I find myself whispering to myself ‘be gentle with yourself’ or ‘remember . . . peace . . . in silence’ but I usually shorten that one to ‘silence,’ when I’m about to interrupt someone. There’s another one I shorten to ‘no doubt the world . . .’ That one doesn’t work so well lately.

    Really nice Sunday thouughts, Ashley. Made me go and read mine all the way through, look up the ones I shorten. I should do that more often.


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