Lest You Think I’m Imagining This…

Original FrostineThis was the original Queen Frostine when the character was introduced in the 1970s.  She could be on a float in the Orange Bowl Parade.   

frostine pink

And here she is in the 1980s and 1990s.  Roughly the same, a rounded face and no more skin than your average Gunne Sax prom dress.  Still a queen.

frostineHere’s a more simplified version of her look during this time.  Thirty years on, still regal and sweet as can be. 


Entering the next millenium, Frostine was demoted from Queen to Princess (though still purportedly married to King Candy).  She’s “aged down” and given a more angular face and Farah Fawcett hair.  I find it interesting that her facial expression goes from one of direct contact with the viewer to one of those chin in hand, tilted eye, “tell me another interesting story” expressions.  Or maybe she’s just tired from all the skating. 

Queen Frostine 2013

And here we have the latest iteration of Princess Frostine.  Tousled hair, collagen lips, disproportinate apple head…and waffle cone legs that look a whole lot like fishnet stockings. 

Real Housewives of Candy Land.

9 thoughts on “Lest You Think I’m Imagining This…

  1. Susan D.

    You know how they have all those different “Opoly” games? I think we need to start working on a Candy Land for grown-ups. It makes the ideal drinking game. I mean think about it…no counting (or even thinking) necessary. Liquor Land – here we come!


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