They Sell Underwear In Europe

It's a CARRY-ON!

It’s a CARRY-ON!

The Blogher conference is 72 hours away!  I’ve checked the weather in Chicago.  I’ve got 500 business cards with my new logo (and I’ve even practiced the “quick draw” to get them out of the holder…I kid you not).  I’ve borrowed a notebook computer so I can look like the cool kids when it’s time to take notes.  I went to the grocery store and stocked up on things G can cook easily when he’s taking care of the kids for four nights.  I’ve done the laundry.  Twice (darn you, cats).

Now it’s time to pack.  And I don’t feel ready.

Whenever I am nervous about going on some new adventure, I recall another piece of travel advice dispensed by Richard many years ago.  “They sell underwear in Europe, Ashley.”

Scene:  It’s 24 hours before our flight to another country.  I’ve got three lists–purse, carry-on, checked bag–and they’re organized by item type.  I’m crossing through each item and double-checking.  I’ve already got backup copies of my credit cards, passport and insurance cards zipped into the lining of my jacket AND in the inner pocket of my purse.  All toiletries are organized in clear containers and ziploc bags, with double bagging around the more gooey items.  But I’m still nervous about forgetting something.

Richard, on the other hand, walks to the dryer and pulls out a load of clothes, folds them loosely and slings them into a bag.  Zips it up and he’s done.

As I’m dithering about forgetting something, he says, “Let’s go!  As long as we have a credit card, we’re good.  They sell underwear in Europe.”

It reminded me of the line from Absolutely Fabulous, when Eddy and Patsy are trying to leave on holiday and Eddy keeps running around saying, “Money!  Tickets!  Passport!”  And then she runs out to the car but has to return three times to get…you know.  Money.  Tickets.  Passport.

Overthinking things?  Perhaps.

But there was that one time that G and I flew to Brasil with the kids and realized that we had left Vivi’s beloved Pengy in the car.  Try scrounging through the Sao Paolo airport in search of a replacement penguin.  Or the time Richard and I went to Bermuda with a broken camera (Grant had dropped it while taking pictures of his feet) and came back with three rolls of pictures that cut our heads off.  Or the time I needed Imodium RIGHT AWAY in Oxford on a Sunday morning.

What’s your thing that you just can’t travel without?

14 thoughts on “They Sell Underwear In Europe

  1. Lisa in Athens

    I used to require my toiletry bag – it has my skincare, shampoo, cosmetics and toothbrush. I’ve learned all of that can be purchased at my destination if needed. Now, I cannot travel without Earl and my meds as that you can’t just buy at CVS.

    Enjoy Chi-town and Blogher! We look forward to some great stories.

      1. Lisa

        Haha, although I like that. No, it’s my Auto-Ject for administering the medication. My landlord died before my health changed, and he’d hate to be missing this (we were close, like grandfather/granddaughter.) So, I named it after him, and I heard him giggle from wherever his soul is.

  2. Chris Antenen

    You just described a scene with me when I travel to my daughter’s in Atlanta. There’s a CVS within a mile one way, Walgreen’s the other way. Target, Kroger, Publix a few miles away and yet I pack and pack and never have what I went when I get there. I’m going to remember that line about underwear, but I’m not traveling much these days anyway, so one less stress. My daughter packs like G.

    Can’t wait for your report as a professional blogger!

    1. G

      Most hotels these days even have an ironing board (and an iron). Not that I use those either, bc, if it is not permanent press, a long steamy shower can fix any wrinkled shirt. Unless, of course, it is high summer at one’s destination. In that case, perspiration alone can fix any wrinkle.

  3. bo tidwell

    Am enjoying your blogs!

    Be sure to eat at least one meal at The Purple Pig on Michigan Ave. You won’t regret it and will also come away with interesting material for your next blog.

    Warning: they always run out of the Fried Deviled Eggs early, so don’t tarry on that one…

    Your Distant Cousin,

    Bo Tidwell

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  4. Heart To Harp

    I know you are going to have an awesome time in Chicago. I always pack butterfly bandages and superglue. These became part of my travel kit after my traveling companion had a leg shaving mishap, and I had to drive 30 minutes to a 24-hour Walmart on two-lane unfamiliar roads late at night. I always have these tucked into my suitcase for unexpected slices and dices. Luckily they don’t take up much room.

  5. Tara

    A book. I have to take a book. Whether packing for the weekly ballet/gymnastics classes or a trip to the in-laws, a book. (And it’s not like I can’t get one of those somewhere along the way, but yeah, that’s it.) Love your packing story. Previous life person fussed at me one time when we got to the Peach Convention (he was President and had to dress accordingly) because he didn’t have a belt. Dude, you’re a grown man, you packed your own bags, you do the math. Sigh. Thank goodness this go round he takes care of himself. 🙂


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