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The Stuff That Comes Out of My Mouth

wdyaParenting Pop Quiz – December 16th

Which of the following statements did I utter this weekend?

A.  “Please wash the poo off the bottom of the minivan.”

B.  “Grab the Dustbuster.  He just poured half a cup of powdered garlic down his diaper.”

C.  “Get your foot out of the popcorn.”

D.  All of the above.

I guess it’s lucky that only one was said to G.

Memetastic Meme Fest

We here at BadMomCo Global recently heard that the internet kids respond well to “memes.”  What’s your favorite meme?  Tell us in the comments!

chuck norris meme

drunk baby meme

erhmahgerd meme

fire girl meme

grumpy cat meme