A Kiss, a Kiss, a Kiss

When I got home from Kroger at 6:30 p.m. with $243 worth of raspberries, swim diapers, tamales, kettle corn, limes, and middle-aged regrets, I tooted the horn twice so G would know to come help me unload the car.  He strutted out the kitchen door in his green fleece pajama pants.  The ones covered in 100 snarling/smiling faces of The Grinch.  Just Grinches and belly hair.  Go ahead–picture it.

I dare you.

It was at that moment that I realized I didn’t buy any wine.  Or razors.  Nevertheless, he leaned in the driver’s side door and I hit him with a kiss that threw us both for a little loop.  Not the peck on the cheek that goes along with “Have a good day, Sweetie.”  Not the smacker that says, “Thanks for taking out the trash!”  This was more of a “I remember why I liked you in the first place, back before we needed to buy swim diapers.”

The Kiss IV, Edvard Munch.  Image courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art .

The Kiss IV, Edvard Munch. Image courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art .

A Real Kiss.

I had been thinking about kisses all day, thanks to Facebook.  One of my first boyfriends was celebrating a birthday.  I went to his page to wish him well and one think led to another and pretty soon I had traveled back in time to a Homecoming dance from 30 years ago.  Remembering how new kissing was, how mysterious.  How many hours I had spent thinking about kissing and then the instant when I found myself actually doing it!  How delicious it felt to slide my hands around his neck for a slow song.  How intoxicating it felt to lean closer to whisper something to a boy who smelled like Polo cologne then find myself kissing him.   How young.  How new.  How marvelous.

So, yes, I spent my free time today Facebook stalking every boy I smooched back in the 80s, back before things got complicated.  Back when kissing wasn’t all tangled up with groceries and taking out the trash and belly hair.  When a kiss was still a kiss.


14 thoughts on “A Kiss, a Kiss, a Kiss

  1. Tracy

    Lots of different kinds of kisses…sweet kisses from my babies, memorable kisses (from the lead singer, the kiss after the YES to the proposal, the first beach kiss on spring break) but my FAVORITE is the goodbye peck EVERY morning. My husband wants to make sure that if anything happens to either of us, he kissed me on our last day on earth. I have been married to that short, round, Republican man for ALMOST 20 years now and the sentiment still makes me smile.

  2. Leigh

    Ahh…. the pleasures of “First Base”
    I sometimes avoid kissing because my man tends to think that guarantees a “Grand Slam”

  3. Cynthia @ Flotsam of the Mind

    I am absolutely adopting “one think led to another.” That’s always the way, isn’t it?


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