A Rebuttal on Behalf of Mr. Huck L. Berry, Esquire


A few weeks ago, a certain blogger (in the post “Sometimes, You Just Gotta Say, What the HUCK!”) leveled numerous allegations of a slanderous nature towards myself.  The raft of unfounded charges evinced my proclivities towards misbehavior, canine debauchery and generalized shenanigans.  Charges included:

  • Cake stealing
  • Oprah killing
  • Hole digging
  • Fence busting
  • Duck chasing
  • Excessive woofery

To wit, I, Mr. Huck L. Berry, Esq. would like to submit for your perusal this photograph, taken on a recent trip to the park, wherein I am pictured obeying–concurrently–both the “Place” and “Sit” commands atop a bench whilst my young charge, one Vivirootie Miss Patootie, distributes a mélange of stale cereals to a flock of ducks.

Unperturbed ducks.

I bid you ‘Good Day,’ Baddest Mother Ever….’GOOD DAY!’

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