Promise You’ll Write?

That flu bug that everyone has been raving about really is as great as you’ve heard!  I haven’t had the flu in 20 years and….DAMN.  Being flat on my back for days has helped me see some things clearly:

  • It really is OK for the kids to eat chicken nuggets for seven meals straight.
  • Dr. Who makes sense when you have a fever.
  • Cats actually do sleep all day long while we’re at work.
  • Of all the things I’ve missed doing over the last few days (eating, walking around, playing with the kids), I’ve really missed writing every day.

I promise I’ll write once I have my head back together.  Today is better than yesterday so I have high hopes for tomorrow.  Besides, I’ve got a story to tell!  Until then, here is a photo essay of Tom Hardy hugging a puppy…


4 thoughts on “Promise You’ll Write?

  1. Heather Slutzky

    Because I love you, I will point out, in a non-lunatic kind of way, that Doctor shouldn’t be shortened because it is his name. You sort of just did Wm. instead of William which while not *WRONG wrong* is …. well …. wrong. 🙂

    Also, Doctor Who makes even more sense when you watch it obsessively. Like I do.


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