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What’s #1 On Your List?

go do them


You should.

And you CAN!

What’s the number one thing on your bucket list?  Mine used to be “Be someone’s mother.”  Check!  “Go skydiving.”  Check.  “Sail the Greek Islands.”  Kinda Check (it wasn’t a sail boat!).  Right now, my number one adventure dream is to see the Northern Lights, preferably from one of those glass igloos in Finland.

I’ve learned four essential principles for crafting a bucket list over the last 13 years.  Click on this sweet kitten in a bucket to go over to my post at Work It, Mom! and get to the bottom of the bucket!

bucket kitty


The role of MENTOR sounds daunting if you think too hard on it.  Kind of like being a mom, right?  My column over at Work It, Mom! today is about the parallels between the roles of mentor and mom.  Click the pic to scoot on over…you might discover that you are ready to be a mentor.  


Hit the Road, Jacqueline!

I’ve got a bonus column over at Work It, Mom! today.  This one is about taking a trip by yourself, for yourself.  Here’s a sample:  

Whether you’re going on a big trip or a little jaunt, the important thing to remember is that you have the right to step out into the world and explore.  I’ve traveled on my own for years and I still get the jitters sometimes, but I get over it.  It’s worth it.  I repeat to myself, “Be not afraid.  Be not afraid.”  Then I go.  


Click on this vintage travel poster from my favorite destination to read more about it!


visit greece

Let’s Talk About Love

Love is in the air…


My column today at Work It, Mom! is a conversation I had with my kids to see what they think about love.  What does it mean to love someone?  How do you show someone you love them?  What does it feel like when we love someone?   Click those cute Valentines up there to head on over!  


Why I Have a 10 Year Old Case of Big K Cola In the Pantry


I do.

Richard purchased it in 2004.

Like most everything in grown up life, it all comes back to money.  Click the butterfly to flutter on over to Work It, Mom! for today’s post!


Giving Up on Being a Good Mother

I’ve quit trying to be a good mother and I hope you’ll join me in this resolution.  If you’re intrigued by that concept, click on over to my column today at Work It, Mom!  It’s called Stop Trying to Be a Good Mother.”  About 10 of you faithful readers are quoted in it!

A sample:

Next time you find yourself asking, “Am I a good mother?” strike the “good” and replace it with…(read the rest)


Be Good For Something

This quote from Henry David Thoreau inspired my column today at Work It, Mom:


The story is called “The How, When and WHY of Work: Fostering a Healthy Work Ethic In Our Children.”  Here’s an excerpt:

A few years back, my father hired a teenage boy to be an afternoon kennel assistant at his veterinary clinic.  Cleaning cages, feeding the animals, tidying up–a job of all work.  Mopping kennels at a vet clinic doesn’t require a tie, but this kid always showed up to work with his jeans sagging down off his butt.  Every time he stooped over to put a bowl of water on the floor, he had to adjust his pants.  While he stocked shelves or swept the exam rooms, he was constantly hiking his pants up or pulling them down to keep them in just the right spot.

This drove my dad NUTS.  So he, as the business owner and boss, told the kid, “Those pants are interfering with your work.  Either wear a belt tomorrow or don’t come in at all.”  The kid got huffy and replied, “I don’t have to put up with this sh*t!”
Which led to much laughing from the actual adults who worked there.  Gina, the lead tech snorted, “Oh, yes, sweetheart–YOU DO have to put up with this sh*t!” 
So click on over and find out what happened!