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The role of MENTOR sounds daunting if you think too hard on it.  Kind of like being a mom, right?  My column over at Work It, Mom! today is about the parallels between the roles of mentor and mom.  Click the pic to scoot on over…you might discover that you are ready to be a mentor.  


Let’s Talk About Love

Love is in the air…


My column today at Work It, Mom! is a conversation I had with my kids to see what they think about love.  What does it mean to love someone?  How do you show someone you love them?  What does it feel like when we love someone?   Click those cute Valentines up there to head on over!  


Why I Have a 10 Year Old Case of Big K Cola In the Pantry


I do.

Richard purchased it in 2004.

Like most everything in grown up life, it all comes back to money.  Click the butterfly to flutter on over to Work It, Mom! for today’s post!


The 52 Things Basket — A Simple and Meaningful DIY Gift

Big Gay's 52 Things Basket

Big Gay’s 52 Things Basket


See that brown basket up on the top shelf?  That’s a gift I made a long time ago for Big Gay.  She still has it, and that makes me very happy.  

My column today at Work It, Mom! is called The Most Meaningful Christmas Gift I Ever Gave.  I hope you will read it and discover how simple it is to create the magic of the 52 Things Basket.  I love how the story turned out.  Read the story here

Finishing Strong

WinnerI’m writing over at Work It, Mom! today.  My featured post is about ending the calendar year on a strong note at the office.  Here’s an excerpt:

The school year creates its own rhythm for our children–each month lines up from August to May in a clear pattern.  Their effort begins in the fall, builds throughout the winter, then concludes at the end of the spring.  They get summer off to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for the next round.

But when do working moms get our chance to mark a clear finish to one year and the start of the next?  I suggest now, in December!  The end of the calendar year is a powerful time for us to finish strong and start fresh in our work life.  While we’re setting resolutions for the new year, why not do the same for our work year?  Finish this year STRONG and start the next with clarity and energy!

And now you’re rolling your eyes at me (I can hear it!).  December is the crazy month of school programs, teacher gifts, holiday parties at work, family celebrations, sending cards, late night baking, online shopping, decorating the house, kids out of school, travel, entertaining, and that blasted Elf On the Shelf–how are we supposed to get all that done AND focus on work?  Read the rest of the article…

So if you’re looking for ways to finish strong with 2013, head on over to read my story.  It has some good stuff in it about assessing this year so you can plan for the next!  


Raising Grateful Children

Image converted using ifftoanyI’m got a Thanksgiving article on Work It, Mom! called “The Attitude of Gratitude” about teaching our children to practice gratitude.  Check it out!

On the day my daughter was born, I wrote seventeen things in my gratitude journal (#1 was “she is here and healthy.”  #2 was “That epidural was NICE.”)  On the day my husband died from leukemia, I wrote twenty-nine things in my gratitude journal.  That certainly doesn’t mean it was a better day; it just goes to show that there are gifts around us even in the darkest times.  The daily practice of gratitude keeps me in that state where I can receive them.

I’m Working It Today!

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I’m writing over at “Work It, Mom!” today.   This post addresses the learning curve I faced when starting a new job…and the awesome advice I got from Vivi about how to step up to a challenge.  It’s called:

That Was Kindergarten, This Is First Grade: My Daughter Coaches Me Through A New Job

Click on over and check it out!