What’s #1 On Your List?

go do them


You should.

And you CAN!

What’s the number one thing on your bucket list?  Mine used to be “Be someone’s mother.”  Check!  “Go skydiving.”  Check.  “Sail the Greek Islands.”  Kinda Check (it wasn’t a sail boat!).  Right now, my number one adventure dream is to see the Northern Lights, preferably from one of those glass igloos in Finland.

I’ve learned four essential principles for crafting a bucket list over the last 13 years.  Click on this sweet kitten in a bucket to go over to my post at Work It, Mom! and get to the bottom of the bucket!

bucket kitty

10 thoughts on “What’s #1 On Your List?

  1. Terri

    I’m knocking off 2 items this summer … seeing Kenneth Branagh on stage and doing an Alaska cruise. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    Hmm… I’ve got:
    Finish my PhD (working on it now)
    Sail the BVIs
    Go back to Tuscany
    Have another baby

      1. Michelle

        Oh, sure: I’ve got tons of little things too! Start swimming again, maybe take a shower more than 2 days a week (or one that’s longer than 5 minutes), start a vegetable garden (seedlings are coming up now!), get chickens (maybe later this summer!)
        I also race sailboats on Lake Lanier, and the racing season starts in April.
        Busy, busy!

  3. Jennifer E. Meares

    I am working to finish my late father’s novel. Sometimes it takes two lifetimes to fulfill one dream.

    1. Terri

      Jennifer, that is awesome. Good for you. In a similar (but much less time-consuming) way, our Alaska cruise this summer got bumped to the top of the list after my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer last spring. He wanted to go last summer but his doctor didn’t agree. We were going to make it a big family trip with Dad and my brother’s family, but then Dad died in June so we didn’t get to go. This July we are going with my brother and his family for our parents’ bucket list trip of a lifetime. Neither of them got to go (Mom died 6 years ago) but we’re not putting it off any longer. It’s definitely motivating me to not wait to cross things off my own Bucket List — I don’t want to leave all the fun for my kids. 🙂


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