Saturday Snort – Midvale

bw midvale

My favorite Gary Larson cartoon EVER.  When I find myself doing something stupid, I mutter “Midvale School for the Gifted” under my breath.  What’s your favorite Far Side cartoon?

17 thoughts on “Saturday Snort – Midvale

  1. Debbie

    The one that never fails to crack me up is of the buck with a bull’s eye on his belly and his buddy says, “Heck of a birthmark Hal.”

  2. Laura Ehlers

    Love School for the Gifted – I also mutter this under my breath when I smack into a pull/push door. I don’t have a link but one of Larsen’s that hung on our fridge for a long time is a kid behind a chemistry set which has clearly exploded and feathers are floating all around. The caption reads: God as a kid tries to make a chicken in his room.


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