Fire With Fire

Every year since Richard died from acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), I have raised money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society in his memory.  This year…I have to admit…I was low on energy to do it again.  I usually raise $10,000+ but one of my big fundraisers isn’t possible this year.  I lowered my goal to $5000 and felt a little deflated before I even started.

But this video got me fired up again.  It’s called “Fire With Fire” and it’s about a radical new treatment that was discovered by a doctor whose research is funded by LLS.  I like to think that some of the dollars that our friends and family have given in Richard’s memory were part of the dollars that helped find this cure.  Dr. June took the AIDS virus and unleashed it on leukemia.  Watch the video to find out what happened when he fought fire with fire.

Fire With Fire | Ross Kauffman from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

I have written about Richard so much on this blog, but I wasn’t sure I should talk about my fundraising for LLS here.  I asked a friend who is a cancer survivor, health care attorney and avid reader of Baddest Mother Ever for her advice.  She said to post it, so here I go!  

Some of you knew him, some of you knew us.  Some of you have been touched by blood cancers in your own lives.  I’ve still got $2000 to raise in 3 weeks.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to LLS, please follow this link to my Light the Night page.  Every dollar goes to find a cure or to help a patient with treatment expenses.  Thank you!

Ashley’s Light the Night Page

Tomorrow….we get back to fart jokes!

6 thoughts on “Fire With Fire

  1. Jennifer

    I’m so glad that you chose to post your fundraising efforts! Just because you write a lot of fabulously funny articles doesn’t mean you don’t have a serious side. Embrace it and share with us!

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

  2. Bonnie

    That is exactly the kind of leukemia that my son has/had. I have been told that it can be very fast. We are so grateful that he is still with us. I tried, but I couldn’t imagine life without him. His illness changed so much in my life. One thing, whenever I felt down, I would always think: Well, at least my kids are healthy. That was taken away along with the belief that I had any control over my life and my kids’ safety. Now, I am so grateful for every day that I have my kids in my life.

  3. Dee Hardy

    Whenever you feel deflated, please remember that your hard work has not been in vain. There’s a little boy not far from where I live who got his last chemo treatment this past spring. He just started the 7th grade. It is because of dedicated and compassionate people like you that make wonderful stories like that possible. I know that there will be more successes like his.


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