The Pinterest Rabbit Hole

maya angelou when someone shows you

Preach on, preach on.  I believe I used that quote in the story “The Doormat.”  

I’m dipping my toe into the Pinterest pool, mostly to find inspiration from great women.  Because let’s face it, I’m never going to make any of those artistic recipes or handmade paper crafts.  Hell, I can’t even look at the home decor ideas because that eats into my not cleaning the house time.  I enjoy the curatorial aspect of Pinterest–flitting about like a magpie picking up lovely shiny things and pinning them to my board.  

Pinterest is the third largest social media platform these days, behind Facebook and Twitter.  I’m trying to learn how to use it to spread the word about Baddest Mother Ever with pins like this one of Maya Angelou.  So I’ve got a board of Quotes for Bad Mothers, where you’ll find funny and inspiring “You Go, Girl!” kind of stuff.  There’s a board called “Stories From Baddest Mother Ever” with….well, you guessed it…stories from Baddest Mother Ever!  I’ve made a board called “Share Some Baddest Mother Ever” with shareable images and quotes from my stories.  

But by far, my favorite board is “Baddest Mothers In History.”  There you will find a gallery of women who blazed trails, explored depths or simply dared to be bold. Please join me on Pinterest and help me learn the ropes!  

So what do you do on Pinterest?  What kind of content delights you?  Tell me in the comments!  

26 thoughts on “The Pinterest Rabbit Hole

  1. Terri

    Haha! Just last night I logged on to Pinterest to find an idea I’d pinned for my front hall closet. You know how you can see what everyone else has been pinning? Well, the screen was completely filled with your Baddest Mothers in History. So I had to read about them ALL. And then, when I scrolled down, the NEXT screen was completely filled with MORE.

    Fascinating reading. Not so great for my productivity, but then again, isn’t that why we go to Pinterest anyway?

    Talk about a rabbit hole. 🙂

  2. Miss K

    I refused to go on Pinterest both because I saw friends get sucked in and because it threatened to make me feel completely inadequate. However, I did join while I was planning my wedding and it was helpful. I haven’t done much on there since, but will definitely check out Baddest Mother content!

  3. Joe

    Honestly, I need a tutorial for Pinterest. I had a lady “send?” a pin to me of something she wanted me to build for her as a gift for her husband. This was right after she had asked if we could have a torrid affair due to my repair of something very simple at her house! So I created my Pinterest profile so I could see this thing she wanted me to build. The next thing I know, some other woman is “following” me. Is Pinterest something that requires spousal disclosure and approval?!!!!

  4. Julie Booth

    As you can probably tell from my boards, Pinterest is therapy (often wine-fueled) for me. It keeps me from dwelling on & possibly contacting those I shouldn’t late at night. It guves me a focus for the insane case of adult onset ADHD I’ve developed (self-diagnosed of course). I hate crafts, so you won’t see any. I usually hate cooking, but I can stuff marshmallows & chocolate chips into a sugar cone, wrap in foil and let my boys toast over a campfire- a fave pin of mine. I *think* I can pull off a baby carrot & dip pumpkin I pinned, but the jury’s still out! Funny memes, truisms, camping & hiking, travel, running, books & general badassery over age 40 are my faves. I LOVE your pins of inspiring women and have repinned many!

  5. tanyadiva

    I love to cook. On a weekend. And have actually made many of the recipes I’ve pinned.
    I am a crafter. Crafting is NOT a dirty word, and pinning images that help me work on a design are very helpful. I can also set up private boards so I can do an inspiration page and not have every other knitter know what I’m working on. I perhaps should have made my Yacht Rock pinboard private, but come on, it is EPIC.
    I follow one of the eight men on Pinterest. He has some cool outfit ideas, I must say. And lastly, as long as I can follow Courtney Love and get repinned by her, I am happy. I’m serious, she’s a damned good pinner.
    Okay, back to HTML coding. Yawn.

  6. Cindy

    I am loving your pins. I find myself reading all of them as I scroll down.

    I mainly pin recipes and have made a couple of the dessert ones with good results. I’ve seen some folks with over 3000 recipes pinned and wonder how the heck they ever plan on making any of them when there are so many on one board. I try to skip the crafty stuff because I’m just not that crafty.

  7. The Waiting

    I just got into Pinterest too! I held off on jumping in for awhile, but I’m really enjoying it. I mostly use it to find new vegetarian recipes and to look at pictures of owls. In other words, highly important stuff.

  8. Michelle

    Sewing, cooking, baking, crafting, and classroom ideas are my big ones! I don’t really watch TV, so blogs and Pinterest are my entertainment outlets.

  9. Bonnie Cramond

    I am a recovering Pinterester. They say we are never cured. I knew that I would have trouble quitting cold turkey, so I went on StumbleUpon as a halfway measure. I find that I can control my Stumble Upon efforts much better, and the content can be more illuminating–even considered part of my professional reading. But, I know that I am just one pin away from reverting to my old ways, so I don’t even dabble.

  10. mariner2mother

    I’m too scared to join Pinterest. Between books I want to read (and I’m already reading about 3 or 4 right now), and things I need to attend to here at home, Pinterest would definitely cement the deal for me to not ever get anything done. I love inspirational quotes though. I love Maya Angelou!

  11. Linda Dodson

    I’m not on Pinterest much, although it’s fun when I’m bored. But my favorite of all of my boards is one entitled Hotness. That is all. You can probably guess what’s on it.


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