Peace Be With You

After Fartbuster and I separated, I had trouble falling asleep most nights.  Too much going on in my head once life grew still around me.  On nights like that, I would close my eyes and imagine myself cradled in a large strong pair of hands, like one of the Anne Geddes baby portraits that were popular at the time.  Curled up safe, free to slip away into dreams.  Like this…

sleeping deer

What’s your favorite meditation when you want to find peace?  

5 thoughts on “Peace Be With You

  1. bdh63

    I fast forward in my head to a time when my problems will be over, and all the current issues have long been dealt with. Then I imagine my future self in Hawaii or the Louvre, just staring at the ocean/Mona Lisa (fill in the blank) and smiling. I imagine sunlight, radiance of beauty and peace filling me. I’ve been through enough bad patches and disasters that I have faith things come around again, and I imagine that it has already happened. Usually can’t remember the thought that carried me off the next day, but that’s where I start. I supposed it’s visualization. I hope you are sleeping like that gorgeous baby deer tonight.

  2. Heart To Harp

    Beautiful image! Me, I breathe. In and out, remembering that all I am doing is breathing every time thoughts pull me away. Or I write, putting all the anxieties and dismays on paper, outside of my head, until the thoughts are drained like a well going dry.


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