Putting the “P” in Prepositions

We won’t speak of what my son did to my bathroom today. If you know, you know. If you don’t, it’s better that I don’t try to explain it. Let’s just say…BOYS.

As I was scouring the floor and the walls and the commode, I remembered a tip I once got from an English teacher: a preposition is anything that a rabbit can do to a log. The rabbit can go around the log, over the log, behind the log, above the log, near the log…you get the idea.

A preposition is anything a rabbit can do to a log.

A preposition is anything a rabbit can do to a log.

Well, it got me thinking that I need to talk about prepositions with my boy, specifically, we need to put the Pee in Prepositions.

We pee IN the toilet.

Not around, next to, behind, near, across, beyond, or beside the toilet.


Not on the toilet. Not over the toilet.

If he needs variety, he can try inside the toilet or within the toilet. He can even try peeing via the toilet.

Not above, across, against, along, around, below, beneath, by the toilet and certainly not
despite the toilet.

Peeing off the toilet? No. Peeing onto the toilet? Absolutely not. Peeing outside the toilet? No sir.

Not over, past, round, toward, underneath, or upon the toilet.

IN the toilet.

I don’t care what that rabbit and his friends do to the log. This is our home and we are not rabbits.

Prepositions are important, and if we don’t talk to our sons about prepositions and putting the P in prepositions…who will?

9 thoughts on “Putting the “P” in Prepositions

  1. Chris

    All I can say is the infamous LOL, and tell you that this story (not even the one in print) will last as long as you live and be told, especially to Carlos, many times. These little things are the best of life, but on a continuum of where the 10 is forgivable/forgotten and 1 iunforgivable/never forgotten — I’d rate this about an 8. I remember a wall above a crib rating about an 8.

  2. Linda D.

    Go ahead right now and designate one bathroom as his; it’s going to smell like prepositions no matter what you do or how much you clean. Even as he gets older, his aim will improve only so much.

  3. Alexandra Hook

    I taught my boys to sit in houses. If in public bathrooms, they can do as they please… It really does help on keeping the stench down.


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