Why You Got That Speeding Ticket

Hey, Good Lookin!

Hey, Good Lookin!

OK, you might think I’m crazy to say this, but even a speeding ticket has a bright side!  Here’s the story…

My cousin…I should probably leave his name out in case this gets him in trouble some way (but y’all who knew us back when, I’m talking about the really big guy with blond hair, Shannon and Pat’s big brother)…well, anywho, he spent a few years as a state trooper.  One summer I got on a streak of bad luck with the cops.  I was 37 years old, had been driving since I was 15 and had NEVER had any kind of ticket.  Then I got THREE in three months!  So I was turning it into a funny story at a family get-together and my cousin said, “Hey, that means you’re attractive!”  


He said, “Look, if I pull a woman over for speeding and she’s good looking, I write her a ticket right off the bat, no questions, because I don’t anyone saying I let her off because she was cute.  But if I stop a woman and she’s kinda homely, I’ll cut her a break because you know she hasn’t had that many.”  


So think about the last time you got stopped.  If you got a ticket, it’s because YOU’RE HOT.  

And if you didn’t get the ticket?  Well.  You didn’t get the ticket.  

Either way, it’s a win, right?

From one of my favorite movies!  What is it?

So….last time you got stopped….ticket or no ticket?  I got stopped on the way to our beach rental this summer and the officer gave me a warning and let me go.  I had three whining kids in the backseat and NO lipstick.  Win.  

4 thoughts on “Why You Got That Speeding Ticket

  1. Virginia Wilcox

    I got stopped in morning school drop off for an expired tag with horribly embarrassed girls in the car…TICKET…WTH?!

  2. Genie Smith Bernstein

    HAHA — in the ’90sin Athens my blonde ponytail got stopped a few times, but my middle-aged face ended up with warnings.


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