First Grade Is Getting To Her

Some parents say that schools give our kids too much homework.  I don’t think my daughter’s workload is excessive, but maybe I’m oblivious to the signs?  Is this spellng assignment a cry for help?

My daughter's spelling homework.

My daughter’s spelling homework.


Skys are big.

Fly like a bird.

I need a drink.

17 thoughts on “First Grade Is Getting To Her

  1. Cheryl

    I hope you’re planning on saving this in a scrapbook for her — she’ll get such a kick out of it when she’s older!

  2. Stace

    Oh yes – that must be saved! I have a whole stack of notes that will one day be read out at Squirrel’s weeding rehearsal dinner 😀

  3. Heather at Mommy Loves Martinis

    Priceless! Not sure where she gets that from 😉 When my daughter was 2, she was very fond of using the word “shit”. Her tights weren’t on right? “SHIT!”. She couldn’t find her tights? “SHIT”. She didn’t like what was for dinner? “Shit!” I always said “As long as you use words appropriately, it’s fine by me!”


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