Resigned to Consign


I spent a couple of hours on Sunday morning getting stuff together for the big consignment sale that I do twice a year.  My goal is to sell enough to cover the cost of what I buy–break even.  Like last year, G had been complaining that Carlos didn’t have enough pajamas.  I went to Kindermarket and scored 10 pairs of pajamas for $20…shut your mouth.

This is why people make fun of Pinterest.

This is why people make fun of Pinterest.

So while I was working so industriously to make $100 to spend on playclothes?  Carlos was in the bathroom working just as industriously…on shoving half a pack of “feminine articles” down the toilet then garnishing it with a floating melange of bathtub toys.  I had to dig through a soggy zoo just to get to the fun part.  This was about 2 hours before G got back from being gone for a week.

I cried.  (which was kind of the theme of the week)  I figured the plumber bill would be twice what I might make from the hard work I had been doing that morning.

But I REFUSED to be stopped.  I prodded.  I plunged.  I said a “thank you” for having parents who taught me how to turn off water valves and know the basics of plumbing.  I walked away.

G came home and I didn’t even tell him about the clogged toilet.  I was determined.  I worked on it some more then took a nap (only to be awakened from that nap by the chipmunk that spent the weekend in our house…but that’s another story).  I turned off the light at midnight last night and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was thinking about the plumber and the chipmunk wrangler that I would need to hire this week.

This morning, I fixed the toilet.  Like so many things, the answer was to give it time.  Those were OVERNIGHT maxi pads.  They gave up with the dawn.  

So tonight I gave my permission to pass on the consignment sale this year.  It’s been such a crazy month.  I am lucky enough that I can donate these clothes and dress my kids at Target.  I can say “not this year.”

Did I stick with that reasonable plan?

Of course not.  I just spent another hour pinning and pricing Carlos’ clothes from last winter.  Those 10 pairs of pjs are heading right back into the great river of hand-me-downs.  I will be spending the earnings from this sale, and the rescued plumber money on something pretty FOR MYSELF.  Maybe a chipmunk trap.

13 thoughts on “Resigned to Consign

  1. Michelle

    Funny! Last night, we had a sink drain leak & my hubby got all stressed about spending money on a plumber. He took the baby and by the time he had changed his diaper, I had the drain apart & fixed. He said, “Eddie, your parents are progressive! Your Daddy changes diapers while Mommy handles the plumbing problems!”

    Also, I’m volunteering at the consignment sale on Wednesday (organizing, I presume), so I get to shop first (at 1:00) on Thurs- I’m hoping to score some good stuff! I’m glad you have had success with the sale in the past! 🙂

  2. Chris Antenen

    I loved this post Ashley. I knew you were a do-it-yourself girl. I’ve been doing that stuff so long it isn’t even funny. “I can’t get the picture on the tv right.” “Our phone’s out.” I wish I had played the “I can’t do those things cuz I’m a woman.” Used to be proud of the fact that I could do that stuff. All those childhood days spent in my dad’s shop. Also liked that you kept that plumbing thing to yourself. Very wise.

    One time a friend and I brought the hose in for pressure after I took apart the trap on the kitchen sink and it was still stopped up. It worked, but things got a little wet. That’s what family stories are made of, and you are writing them all down. I have to use my memory, which lately is a little impaired. I like the way you write things like this. It’s so real, I’ll bet we’re all just going “uh huh, uh huh” and nodding our heads.

    But why did you sell Carlos’s newly acquired pjs?

    1. Baddest Mother Ever

      I’m selling the 24month sizes that don’t fit anymore!

      Yeah, last time I told G about a plumbing problem, it ended up with hydrochloric acid dripping down into the basement and I believe the repair bill was $600.

  3. Kris Pereira

    I stopped calling plumbers when I had the realization that as the owner of her own personal plumbing that I have been managing on my own for years, who needs to pay a professional? I am a professional.


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