Saturday Snort–Dictionary Version

Heh heh heh…If you love your dictionary so much, why don’t you Merriam?

cut dictionaries

Multimedia artist Jane Prophet is challenging the notion that creativity and science can’t intermingle. Her work represents a fascination with both technology and symbolic form, particularly in a project called “Cut Dictionaries.” See more on her Web site,

Do you remember “sniglets?”  Words that should be in the dictionary but aren’t?  Here are a few for your Saturday Snort:

  • Snoralator n. An easier word to pronounce and remember than CPAP, a breathing devide that prevents snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Hydrocondiment n. The watery discharge that accumulates in the mustard or ketchup bottle that comes out first and makes your bread all wet.
  • Confuseless adj. Feeling confused and useless due to pain medication or insomnia.
  • Napture n. A refreshing, fantastic nap.
  • Cinemuck n. The combination of popcorn, candy, and soda pop on movie theater floors that makes them sticky.
  • Parkrastinate n. The inability to decide which parking space to choose in a near empty parking lot.
  • Poufulation n. When a cat gets scared and puff out their tails.
  • Dogdew (dawg-doo) n. The moisture on a dog’s nose.

11 thoughts on “Saturday Snort–Dictionary Version

  1. Chris

    Ok, this is really embarrassing, Ashley. I’ve had parkrastinate for years and don’t know what to do about it. It can take me fifteen minutes to park in an empty lot. I pick a spot and then see one that’s cleaner, so I move there and then decide that it’s not important that the spot be clean, but that the one on the driver’s side should be clean, so I back out and — well, have you ever tried to move into the parking slot next to the one you’re in? It’s impossible to see the lines. And then there’s the one that’s closer to the door, and should you have your door or your trunk closest? Nevermind.

    I have a variant of that same disease. I google something, and a whole list of hits that could take me to that something appear, but there’s one on the list that looks more interesting than what I was looking for, and I’m off ….. nevermind. I’m sure there’s a word for that, too, and I’m just betting you have the same affliction. Make up a word, I’m too tired from thinking about all that parking.
    And how many dictionaries do you have? I got so embarrassed about the number that I started telling people I ‘collected’ them.

      1. Chris

        I like it. I like it! Much better than adlepated? Isn’t that a word? I’m not replying to the one about running. Not a good picture.

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