Are You SURE Your Doctor Wrote This?

morpheus meme

Another Tale From the Pharmacy.  This one did NOT involve any of my family members!

A guy who was looking to score some narcotics came through the Emergency Department at a major downtown hospital.  He managed to snag an unguarded prescription pad.  Not to worry, they busted him shortly thereafter when he showed up at the same hospital’s pharmacy with a prescription that read:


10 lbs

It’s national Healthcare Worker Week!  If you know someone who works in the medical profession, thank them for putting up with these jokers.

11 thoughts on “Are You SURE Your Doctor Wrote This?

  1. Jennifer (Word Witch) Johnson

    Well, he got the lb correct. He gets points for that, I suppose. Even though I’m not sure any prescription I’ve seen is dosed in pounds. A guy can hope.

      1. Tara

        M. O. R. F. E. E. N. Okay got it. Not that I’ll need it for any reason. No reason at all. (How many more months of DST?)

  2. Karen Higgins

    Everyone knows it should be spelled Mo-fine. Cuz it makes everything Mo-fine!!!! (Yep, had a patient tell me that).


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