“You Keep Going”

It’s turned into “Spencer Week” here on Baddest Mother Ever.  That’s the cool thing about writing my own blog–I never know on Monday where I will have written to by Friday.

One of his friends told the story of a time Spencer brought an actual Tony Award to work.  He went from office to office and had each of his coworkers hold the award…so that they could then hand it back to him and he could practice reaching out for it and cradling it while he said “Thank you!”

Thank you, bright boy, for these words you left with us.  Click on the photo to hear Spencer’s own words about what it’s all about.
Spencer Interview

This next clip is from the memorial service.  It includes the above footage of Spencer’s interview in the documentary followed by an emotional performance by Kathryn Kitt of her brother Tom’s song “I Miss the Mountains.”  The song is from the Tony Award winning musical “Next to Normal.”  It’s sung by a woman who’s living a “normal” life thanks to mental health medications, but she misses the highs and lows of her old life.

But I miss the mountains
I miss the dizzy heights
All the manic magic days
And the dark depressing nights
I miss the mountains
I miss the highs and lows
All the climbing, all the falling
All the while the wild wind blows
Stinging you with snow
And soaking you with rain
I miss the mountains
I miss the pain

As Kathryn sings, a photo montage of Spencer’s life plays in the background.  I must have been sitting by the sound guy because I can hear myself laugh at a couple of points.  A couple of sobs, too.

Spencer Cox – A Celebration of Life – Kathryn Kitt Accompanied by Tom Kitt from LIPTV 5 on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on ““You Keep Going”

  1. Chris

    I watched it all again, Ashley, and I can see why they chose it for the gallery. It’s so full of hope and love of friends and family, I’m at the stage where I cherish each day, because I’ve already beat the odds, but in a different way than Spencer. He was much too young to have to think about those things, but sometimes life is cruel and the dreams for a miracle have to keep throwing reality out the window until one day it’s so heavy that the dreams need help, and then it’s just too heavy.

    And about those exclamation points . . . .

  2. Heart To Harp

    “Being kind, being generous, that’s what you worry about” – what wisdom he shared. Such a beautiful spirit! No wonder it is hard to say goodbye.


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