C’mon, Carl…You Can DO THIS.

carl the cat

My little red dachsie, Moxie, was so addicted to chasing the laser pointer that Fartbuster and I started calling it her “red buddy.”  Eventually, just hearing that phrase could trigger her into a tail-wagging frenzy.  So we started calling it the “Amigo Rojo” and damn if that dog didn’t learn Spanish.  We tried “R.B.” or “Ami Rouge” but she always figured it out.  

Bless her sweet heart.  I miss that dog.  Moxie, that is. Not the Buster.

Well, I’m chasing a red dot of my own today and it has occupied all of my mental energy.  I hope it will lead to some good stories down the road.  

Please send your goodest vibes your Baddest Mother’s way!

8 thoughts on “C’mon, Carl…You Can DO THIS.

    1. Baddest Mother Ever

      hahahaha! I’ve heard of attack dogs that are trained with commands in other languages so that their trigger words aren’t accidentally spoken by someone else. I’m imagining what role a dog would play that would require commands in French…


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