Alphabet Soup Gonna Kill Us All, Y’all.

I have been awake for about 3 hours and already I find my mind cluttered with TLAs (three letter acronyms).

My alarm goes off and it’s WTF even though TGIF!  To get the kids to cooperate, I rely on PBS and a little TLC.  I make breakfast while worrying about GMOs, RDAs, BPH, kCl, and whether they eat too much NaCl.  Thank God for E-G-G-O.

Step out of the shower and all I can think about is T&A, lbs, yrs and OMG.  May be time for Retin-A.  I find something to wear thanks to the gods of elastic and Febreeze (brought to you by J&J).

Speed off with the baby in the MDX doing too many mph, but we have to park in BFE to get to the PTO sponsored Kindergarten breakfast and sing along.  I hope my G3S has enough GBs of memory to record the “Friends All Around Us,” “I Like Me,” and “The Chicken Wrap” because my fancy camera is DOA.  I should have saved the money in my IRA.  IKR?

I could use some R&R.  But I’ll STFU now.  How RU?

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