Diana of Themysciara

wonder woman

Continuing on the theme of gratitude, this picture explains why I appreciate our cleaning lady.  If you look closely, you’ll see that she’s not much of a duster.  But who am I to judge because I’m SO not a duster that I pay someone else to maybe think about dusting my house?  Anywho.  I am grateful for our cleaning lady because she has a knack for finding random things and placing them in these little still life arrangements.  For example, last night I went to put dinner on the table and discovered an arrangement of two candlesticks (not dusted), a pink bathroom freshener, two Fisher Price Little People , a milk bottle top and a white tribble.  Yes, the kind from Star Trek, sent to me by Moxie Anne Magnus, Chief Xenocosmetologist aboard the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.  Look her up on Facebook!

After thinking and writing about gratitude journals yesterday, I climbed in to bed and found Wonder Woman–who’s been missing since the summer–waiting for me beside the journal stack.  Isn’t she adorable?

I couldn’t remember the story of Wonder Woman, so I did a little wiki-ing and rediscovered all about the Lasso of Truth, the impervious bracelets, her razor sharp boomerang tiara, the invisible plane…all the best of Diana Prince (more here if you’re curious).  Did you know that her shield is made from Athena’s shield?

Now, take a look at adorable Wonder Woman up there^^^ then take a gander at the newer version…


new ww costume

Notice anything different?  Is that Kim Kardashian?  I especially like the Boob Strip across the bottom.  I guess it’s like Mrs. Potato Head pieces and you can snap on different boobs for different scenarios.

4 thoughts on “Diana of Themysciara

  1. tanyadiva

    My cleaning woman is named Tanya and she resembles Wonder Woman’s bratty younger sister, as played by Debra Winger on the TV show from the seventies. Holla!

  2. Andrea Swilley

    Does any living human woman have that little muscle-y section connecting her boobs to her body? Never before have I seen such an odd appendage for appending natural appendages, but… I have kept up with neither my SexyAnime’ NOR my MarvelComicPorn accounts-so, I can admit I might have missed a breaking trend in all things sexy. Frankly, it makes them look a tad “after-market” to me…but, who am I to judge Wonder Woman?

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