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A Year, In Numbers


365 days since I started writing Baddest Mother Ever

301 posts about everything from panties to heartache to parenting to courage

101,500+ –  page views

2327 – most views in a single day (my Grandmama’s panties went viral)

3047 – comments from awesome readers like YOU!

1796 – Facebook fans…oops, make that 1795…WHAT DID I DO WRONG???  COME BACK!!!

257 – Twitter followers (@Baddest_Mother)

3 – number of times I’ve been approached out in public and asked “Do you write Baddest Mother Ever?” and number of times I have stuttered with glee, “Yes!”

1 – paid blogging gig over at Work It, Mom!

2 – magazine articles published

10 most popular posts this year (and the About page):

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The Engagement Fart    

2 words I can’t say enough – THANK YOU.

2014 – Going to be the Best Year Yet!

3 goals for Year #2 – 1000 email subscribers; 5000 Facebook followers; 250,000 page views

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  For reading.  For sharing.  For coming back on the boring days.  For telling me when the words line up the right way and say something to you.  Thank you.

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Make a Resolution To Practice Gratitude

I write about gratitude a lot, and gratitude journals in particular.  Several of you have mentioned starting the practice for yourselves…so how about now?  Why not add gratitude journaling to your New Year’s resolutions?  

This week, when you’re out shopping for gifts for others, wander on over to the bookstore and buy yourself a beautiful journal.  Put it by your bed.  Each night, jot down at least 5 things that you appreciated from that day.  It doesn’t have to be a complete sentence or punctuated or spelled correctly.  This journal is for you.  

Here’s an early blog post called “Gratitude Grows” that I wrote about the stack of journals by my bed.  It’s been growing there since 2004–that explains the dust.  Richard was still alive in the bottom of the stack.  The purple one is from the year we bought this house.  The red one holds the year he died.  I met G and my children higher up.  The stack has grown by one more since I took this picture.  

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