Five Completely Unconnected Facts That Tell a Story

chanelCasey over at Life With Roozle tagged me in one of those “Write a blog post with 5 Random Things About Yourself as if the entire blog isn’t an even greater superset of random things about you!” challenges.

And since it’s Sunday night and I can’t think of a damn thing to write…VOILA!  And since I’m already in my bed with the laptop warming up the sheets, let me tell you about five random things on my dresser.

  1. A pine jewelry box my father made me for Christmas about 12 years ago. It’s made from boards salvaged from my great-grandfather’s house, the place where my Pop was born in 1902. My mom rescued the wood and my dad turned it into keepsakes for us. I use that box for really precious things, like my babies’ hospital bracelets. Atop my jewelry box sits a box that Daddy made out of tiger maple for Richard that same Christmas. It holds slips of paper that Richard wrote on. You’d be surprised how precious handwriting becomes–even if it’s a grocery list or a phone number.
  2. A red plastic travel alarm clock that we bought in an electronics shop in an alleyway in Xania, Crete. The battery died years ago, but I like to have the clock visible to remind me of that adventure in Greece. Richard pointed out the clock on the counter behind the cash register and the whole transaction was completed without words. But when the old man who ran the store handed the clock to me, I said, “Epharisto” for the first time. That’s “thanks” in Greek. I love the word “thanks.”
  3. A blue pressed Depression glass slipper just like the one Grandmama Eunice used to hold her bobby pins. This one isn’t hers. It’s one I found at the Lakewood Antiques Market a few years back. I think of her every time I see it. On Halloween night, when Vivi’s Elsa wig wouldn’t stay put, I was looking around desperately for a bobby pin and looked inside the glass slipper as if they might have appeared there by magic.
  4. A bag of rocks that I picked up on Muir Beach last week. I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to collecting shiny or interesting little things. And rocks are free.
  5. I’m afraid to pick a fifth thing because what will it say about me? Should I tell about the stack of books? The pearls inside a black velvet box? The red glazed ceramic dragon from Wales that I bought myself because it never dawned on Fartbuster to get me a little memento?  The Dr. Scholl’s odor eating insoles? The half bottle of Chanel No 5? The tissue paper butterfly I made with Vivi at the art museum last month? The Wii controller that has needed a battery since 2012? A sand sculpture with green glitter flakes because green is Mommy’s favorite color? Not just one but two unsharpened pencils? A blue bird of happiness whose beak has kind of chipped off? I can’t decide.

So what’s the story that these random objects tell?


9 thoughts on “Five Completely Unconnected Facts That Tell a Story

  1. ItaB

    This made me smile on this cold South Georgia morning!!! And tells me you’re loved, well traveled,sentimental and must have a very large dresser!!!

  2. Lisa in Athens

    Oh, your statement about handwriting! I have a copy of Dr. M’s signature on the inside of a wooden box I own that he wanted. It held his cremains for his memorial service, and I still have some in it (we take him places so he still travels.)

      1. Gay Garrett

        I love the way you are able to make those who read your blog think.
        Dr. Scholls corn pads found under the silver serving spoons…….well yeah.

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