REAL Mothering Milestones to Hang on My Charm Bracelet

pandoraG and the kids got me a Pandora charm bracelet for Mother’s Day.  I love the four charms–a globe because I love to travel, a daisy for my favorite flower, a tiny family holding hands, and a little heart with both “Mommy” and the Portuguese “Mae” on it.

I’ve been thinking of buying myself a couple of new charms, but the collection is pretty boring. Lots of shoes and DIVA! and wine glasses or soccer balls and blue baby booties.  Where are the charms for “I finished my book proposal!” or “I ran a 5K without stopping!” or figuring out how to make my grandmother’s pound cake?

There’s got to be a market out there for a wider variety of mementos.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • A tiny roll of toilet paper to commemorate that time I got to go to the bathroom all by myself.
  • An itsy bitsy stopwatch with numbers 1-10, in honor of all those times I counted to ten, took a deep breath, and didn’t kill anyone.
  • A miniature gallon of milk, because we always need milk.
  • A teensy watermelon to remind me of pushing that baby out.
  • A smoochy pair of lips because I am Kisser of Boo Boos.
  • A miniature steering wheel to remember that Saturday I got everyone to everywhere, ON TIME and hydrated.
  • A little snowflake because I learned all the words to the Frozen soundtrack.
  • A jingling Chuckie Cheese’s token to remember that time I realized they sell beer.
  • …what would you add to your bracelet?


19 thoughts on “REAL Mothering Milestones to Hang on My Charm Bracelet

    1. Support

      Nope, just seemed to fit for a Monday when I was trying to treat myself to a new charm and couldn’t find anything authentic!

  1. Chris Antenen

    a little cape for whatever is the latest hero, a treble clef to remind you to sing, boots to remind you of what you walk through every day, a bandaid and a comb for hair and other emergencies, and a star to remind you of who you are.

  2. likemymamasays

    Girl you need the CATALOG. Something for every occasion. A bee with a crown down those days when I am a queen B. A stroller to remind you that you will never, ever go anywhere again without paraphernalia. The cutest little bird ever be remind me to “be happy for no reason at all.”

  3. Jenna Hatfield

    A 26.2 for my marathon, a tiny pair of ear plugs NOT because I want to put them in (well, I do) but because I remembered to take them to the theater last time for our oldest son who has hearing loss and needs to protect his ears in places like that, a tiny German Shepherd to remind me that I do like her when she’s a complete moron, a fire truck because FIRE TRUCKS, a computer because all my friends live there, a smooshed together Pennsylvania and Ohio because that’s what made me… oh, and I just got sappy on myself and now I should probably write a blog post about THAT someday…

    1. Support

      I hereby challenge you to write that blog post! And good job on the earplugs–it’s that kind of stuff that makes me feel like I’m competent!

  4. Connie Walker

    Well, I’ve been thinking and thinking…like you the things to remember! Running shoes, baby booties, a first car, the cross, but I think I want a heart. Now I’m not one of those “heart” kind of girls. I “heart” this and that, but a heart. A heart that has been torn from wrong, one that has been mended, one that beats when loved, ragged edges, shiny and bright, but you can diffidently see its wear. A heart with a cross in the middle. Thx for your love of writing and most of all for your love of sharing your talent. Connie Walker

  5. Tammy

    As if it’s possible to love you more…

    I need a block, for Minecraft, to commemorate the countless hours I’ve sat through descriptions of video games and their associated video/parody songs.

    1. Support

      Oh, jeez. We’ve been toying with the idea of letting Vivi start playing Minecraft. This does not give me a warm feeling about that direction!


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