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bubble-49004_640Hello, Dear Readers!  I’ve been wanting to write this message for a while now but I was too chicken to just straight up say what I’d like to say…but here goes.  

I like for people to read this stuff, so I hope you’ll subscribe to this blog.  There are several ways to do it!


See over there on the right side of this page?  You can subscribe by email and get a message every time I post something new.  My sister says it’s a great way to keep up if you don’t see the posts via Facebook.


And speaking of Facebook…in addition to the writing that you find here on BaddestMotherEver.com, there’s a whole BME community on Facebook!  That’s where I share story links, cool stuff from around the web, lunchtime chats, and all kinds of snarky stuff.  If you’re on Facebook, be sure to Like the Baddest Mother Ever page (which you can do over there in that handy right column).  And if you’ve already Liked the BME page, be sure to click the down arrow next to Like and choose “Get Notifications.”  Because Facebook is being kind of stupid about showing you stuff that you’ve asked to see.  


I’m trying my best to learn how to use Twitter!  Give me a follow at @Baddest_Mother and I’ll give you a follow back, girl!  


Don’t be searching my Pinterest page for gingham banner templates and recipes for buffalo chicken dip…that’s not my bag.  If you want to learn more about Baddest Mothers In History, check out Ashley Garrett on Pinterest!  I’m also working on boards of inspirational quotes for Bad Mothers, good reads for young girls, etc.  

WordPress Followers:

Hey, fellow bloggers!  I’m going to move Baddest Mother Ever to self-hosting in the next few days.  If you follow me through the WordPress Reader and would like to stay in touch, please subscribe so I can be sure we don’t get separated on the interwebs!  


Ask away in the Comments or at baddestmotherever (at) gmail (dot) com.  Later, Taters!


I’m sorry to self-promote like this, but I promised Michelle and Tara that I would!  “He who tooteth not his own horn getteth it not tootethed!”  


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