Is This Enough?

I’m burning the candle at both ends this week.  (Hey, that fits in with the theme of little lights!)  Here it is, almost midnight and I haven’t written anything for tomorrow.  I’m struggling with those feelings of “not enough.”

I took the day off from work because my son’s daycare was closed unexpectedly…so I feel like I didn’t work enough.

We had such a fun day together that it makes me sad I don’t get to spend every day with him…so I feel like I’m not “mom” enough.

My daughter’s soccer game preempted the trip to the grocery store, so it was sandwiches for dinner again….so I feel like I’m not organized enough.

I procrastinated on my columns for another website…so I feel like…hey, wait a minute.  I wrote a really good article about being enough for Work It, Mom! back in October.

Click the match in this picture if you would like to read it!




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