Bikini Season Is Coming! Bikini Season Is Coming!

A quick message today.  

Bikini season is coming!  Or so I hear–the last one I participated in was around 1989.  I got my license renewed a few months ago and it still lists the weight that I was in 1989.  But I digress.  

Every other sponsored post on Facebook these days contains four cartoons of women shaped like fruit or admonitions against the evil fruit that causes belly fat.  Please keep scrolling past all that shit.  Here’s the real message:


bikini season is coming!

You are beautiful.  I hope you enjoy some sun on your face this weekend (after a liberal application of sunscreen, of course).    


7 thoughts on “Bikini Season Is Coming! Bikini Season Is Coming!

  1. Lisa in Athens


    I’m still waiting for Full Body Wet Suit Season. I see a fashion trend I’ll have to start.

  2. Tara @ I Might Need a Nap

    Hehehe. I’m laughing about that driver’s license weight. I got by from changing it by being pregnant once or twice when it was time to change it, and now I renew on-line, so yeah. Old weight. VERY old. I love it. And thanks for this.


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