Seven Signs of Spring

1.  A dog named Bunny who likes to hop.  Hop on top.

nana bunny

2.  Broody hens who listen to Billy Joel in the coop.

nana chickens

3.  Lenten roses.  Helleborus orientalis that all grew from two plants.

nana hellebore

4.  Is that flowering quince?  Oh, and Bunny.  Nana says it was cute at first but now it’s getting a little annoying.

nana hop

5.  Scampering.

nana run

6.  Papa may have gone a little overboard on the tomato seedlings.

nana tomatoes

7.  Rows of tulips all lined up for the Easter parade.

nana tulips

9 thoughts on “Seven Signs of Spring

  1. Anne

    This looks so nice. It makes me happy. We are having our 1,000,000,000th snowstorm where I live. Thank you for the smile 🙂


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