Ten True Things

Here’s a list of truisms that floated through my head this morning between 6:33 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.:  The Dreaded School Run.

  1. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”   (Ben Franklin, who clearly did not have Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert keeping him up until all hours.)
  2. “Never argue with a fool.  Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”  (Mark Twain.  This also applies to a grumpy 6 yr old.)
  3. “Charity begins at home.”  (My stepmother, Big Gay.  All the kindness in the world stems from the patience and love we share with each other at home.)
  4. “There’s a reason God gives children to young people.”  (My Grandmama Eunice, who raised several and did a fine job.)
  5. “Always pay attention to your rear view mirror.  What’s happening behind you can be far more dangerous than what’s going on in front.”  (Mom, who clearly drove with a snarl of little children in the back seat.)
  6. “Never buy a house on a yellow line street.”  (Vickie, my first realtor.  Who wants to raise kids in all that traffic?)
  7. “Don’t tailgate someone driving a Dodge.  They’re already mad and they’ve got nothing to lose.”  (Daddy)
  8. “What goes around, comes around.”  (Myself, laughing at the dumbass who PARKED in the drop off lane at school then couldn’t get out.  Hate it fer ya.)
  9. “Mind your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” (Another from Big Gay, and the reason I had a yogurt instead of pulling through a drive through.)
  10. “Friends multiply your joy and divide your sorrow.”  (a coffee mug I saw once)


15 thoughts on “Ten True Things

  1. Hugh Spitler

    My dad told me when driving, to never get behind any old man wearing a hat, driving a Buick, or anyone so short you could not see the top of their head over the back of the seat.

    1. Chris Antenen

      First I drive a Buick, your dad was right. My grandchildren call it the grannymobile because it holds a lot of kids, so there are lots of reasons not to get behind it, besides the fact that old people drive them.
      A friend of mine went home to a small town where he was the only one going to college. Sunday morning, everybody’s standing out in front of the church. He saw a car rolling down a hill sans driver, so he pulled open the door and jumped in on top of a little old man.

  2. Jenergy

    (Myself, laughing at the dumbass who PARKED in the drop off lane at school then couldn’t get out. Hate it fer ya.) HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    At the grocery store this rude SINGLE 20 year old took a parking spot that I was waiting for and here I am with my four children in a minni van. He zipped right in with his muscle car and pretended not to notice. I was SO mad, that is until I came out of the store and noticed him filling out a report because someone had backed into him and smashed his tail lights to crap, hahahaha! Ohhh I believe that saying to be very much true. Love your website and your wit!

  3. Chris Antenen

    Why is everybody so mad? I guess you have to be old to ram the other car and say, “I’m older and have more insurance.”
    There’s a lot of truthiness in these ten true things — duh. But I like the last one on the coffee mug. Friends multiply your joy and divide your sorrow. Not very good metaphorically, but anything about the quality of friendship floats my boat. Friendship is the best part of every day, and the older I get, the more I treasure friends in other places. We keep in touch by phone or email. Two of my very best friends are in varying stages of Alzheimer’s disease hell, but I treasure them when only hugs and some pronouns connect, give me puzzles to solve.

  4. Lisa in Athens

    I was introspective while riding my stationary bike earlier and for my Ten True Things list, I’d add “The third time is the charm.”


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