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mollySo this next mother?  She is BAD.  I mean bad mutha, like shut yo mouth.  Please put your hands together and welcome Molly of Mollytopia.  She is a lovely Southern magnolia, so let us clutch our pearls in her general direction.

I started reading Molly’s blog before Blogher because who could resist a writer whose bio includes these lines:

I was raised by circus performers, hippies, and drug smugglers.
I work full-time as a senior finance person for a TV network because being a divorced mom is suuuper easy and I like to keep things interesting.

Then what do you know….I was sitting there at Blogher waiting for a session to begin, swapping cards and networking when Molly herself joined our table.  I recognized her sassy logo and squealed, “I READ YOU!”  Then she said, “I READ YOU!” and we hugged like a couple of sorority girls on Bid Day.

Molly’s post “Showroom Showdown” about being a single mom and wanting to give the right things to her daughter really struck a chord with me.  And if you have time to read more, I highly recommend “Death of a Superhero,” about her father’s last days.  Oh, hell, it’s Friday….read her whole site and thank me later!

9 thoughts on “Other Bad Mothers – Mollytopia

  1. mollytopia

    Thank you so much! It’s an honor to be featured on your blog. I loved meeting you at Blogher – so crazy – I’m really happy we’re staying in touch! XO

  2. heatherbuckman

    Oh! Oh my! I love her! And I think I just gave myself permission to cuss judiciously after reading her first post. Why, the thought had never really crossed my mind, but fuck is one of my favorite words.

    On a serious note, what a talented writer. She does a great job of hitting the vein of what moms worry about, with a humorous slant that makes you know that you don’t suck if you’re not the uber-perfect Pinterest mom. Which I am, but I know she probably forgives me for that.

  3. heatherbuckman

    Also, I just read Death of a Superhero. What a perfectly beautiful post. Her dad is smiling huge. I love the idea of a memory box. I worked at hospice for several years as a social worker, and wish I had been able to share that idea with my patients and their families. So incredibly beautiful. xoxoxo


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