The Teapot On the Floor

small-delft-tulip-teapot-lgI was considering today the word “consideration.”  It can mean so many things. Careful thought, given over time.  Maybe it means “a fact or a motive taken into account in deciding or judging something.”  Something for your consideration.

Being considerate to each other–kindness.  Giving careful thought to something–much consideration.

Here’s another story from that rainy vacation in Maine.  Our room was in the East Lodge, upstairs (because we were spry enough to climb the steep and narrow stairs).  The other guest room in the East Lodge, on the main floor was occupied that week by a quiet elderly couple from Boston.

On a drippy afternoon, I went down to the parlor to find a book from the “take one/leave one” shelf.  As I walked across the large room, a drip of rain plunked on my head.  I stopped to investigate.  Another and another and another…a leak in the ceiling.  I looked around for something to catch the water and protect the rug until I could tell the owners about the situation.  The only container available was a little Delftware teapot on the mantle.  I took the lid off and positioned the teapot under the drip.  Plink, plink, plunk.

I went upstairs to get my boots on so I could walk over to the office…no phones in the East Lodge.  When I came in the room, Richard stirred from his nap and asked what I was doing.  I told him about the drip and the teapot then I went on my way.

Well, a while later when I made it back to the East Lodge from my errand…the teapot had been moved.  It was still positioned under the drip from the ceiling, but it rested atop a small side table.  OK….

Richard rolled over and smiled at me when I came through the door of our room.  I asked him if he had been downstairs and he answered,  “Yeah, I was worried that the older couple in the room below us might not see that little teapot in the middle of the rug, so I put it on the table.  They won’t trip over it now.”

Consideration was one of his dearest qualities.  He gave much careful thought to situations and solutions.  He took the time to be considerate of others and their needs.

We did get to enjoy one pretty day near the end of that rainy week, when we got to take our little boat out of Linekin Bay and sail around the point into Booth Bay Harbor.  And it just so happened to be the day that a Tall Ship Regatta was moored there.  While huddled low in the boat (I never could trust the lurch of the boat and spent most of my sailing time pressed as close to the hull as I could), Richard and our instructor took our little boat in and out among the three-masted great ladies.  Even if I was barely peeking over the side of the boat, my heart filled to bursting, like a sail catching the wind.  I felt like a mouse in a teacup, sneaking into the ball.

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