A Morning With My Favorite Chickadee

Clear blue sky, light breeze.  Crisp and sunny Sunday morning for our first Great Backyard Bird Count.  In 30 minutes, my girl and I spotted:

  • 6 chickadees
  • 6 tufted titmice
  • 1 house wren
  • 1 redheaded woodpecker
  • 1 Eastern towhee
  • 2 hawks

That was actually pretty low for our house.  We live along a river with good bushes and a nice mix of forestation.  Any guesses as to why our team may have had less than stellar results with our birding?

Vivi and Rufus

Vivi and Rufus

No matter how many times I shut the cats and the dog in the house, Mr. Science forgot and let them out again.  C’est la vie.

We filed our report on www.birdcount.org and watched the global map of other reports coming in.  She was disappointed that Hawaii wasn’t showing any activity yet and that China was dark so that led to a discussion of time zones.  But we saw Iceland’s reports and one in Brasil and someone in Chile filed WHILE WE WERE WATCHING.  She plotzed.  I thought it was pretty cool myself!

I think this experience has started something.  Vivi just did a count in her room and here’s the tally:

  • 1 duck
  • 1 parrot
  • 1 Zazu
  • 1 unicorn
  • 21 penguins
  • 1 meerkat
  • 3 ponies

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