This Isn’t About Me. It’s the Penguin.

Sooooo…Vivi is at sleep-away camp for the first time ever in her whole entire almost nine year life. Yep.

camp vivi

I’m fine.

Seriously. Totally OK.

But I’m concerned about Pengy.


He stayed like this the whole ride home.

He doesn’t look like he’s OK with this AT ALL. I think he thinks that she’s growing up so quickly. I bet he thinks that he’s not quite sure what to do with himself without her. I can just look at him and tell that he’s wondering if she’ll ever come back and if she’ll still need him then.

I’m fine, but the penguin is struggling.

Pengy and Vivi have been inseperable since she was about 18 months old. We met Pengy on a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Since that day, there’s been no other friend for Vivi. He sleeps under her chin every night. He snuggles under her elbow while she’s reading a book. He even sits beside her at the dinner table some nights.

Pengy has been to many cities and a couple of countries. The rule is, Mommy carries Pengy while we travel. We have lots of rules about Pengy–Pengy stays in the car if we go out running errands. Pengy stays home instead of riding to school in a backpack. Carlos is not allowed to touch Pengy.

And she’s gone for a week. Who is Pengy without his Vivi?

When she first started talking about sleep-away camp, the question of Pengy came up–would he be safe in the woods? Was he too old to sleep in a tent every night? Santa brought Vivi a Siamese kitty, which she named Artemis and declared to be her second favorite friend. Artemis went to camp. She’s young and strong and not afraid to sleep in the woods at night.



Things change, right? Kids are supposed to grow and move on to other stages in life and sometimes we put away childish things. Pengy will always be #1, the original beloved. Nothing can take the place of Pengy. Still. It’s hard.

So yeah. I’m fine. But the penguin is lonely for his girl.

12 thoughts on “This Isn’t About Me. It’s the Penguin.

  1. G

    I think Pengy (the non figurative one) should go with us to pick her up, and may be he should have a ballon for her?

  2. Dena Hobbs

    My kids are going to camp next week for the first time (11 and 13 yrs old). I’ve been worried about their stuffed animals who are ALL staying home too. 😉 Growing up is hard on the ones left behind!

  3. Tracy

    When my then 18 year old son was deployed the first time, I offered to ship his ‘purple bunny’ to him; I think he was shocked I still had it!

    1. Baddest Mother Ever Post author

      Hahaha! I live in utter fear that Pengy will get lost. I want him to have the kind of long and peaceful life that my sister’s kitty cat has had…she got it about 50 years ago!

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