Family Phrasebook

owl-297413_1280Carlos: “Mommy, put my cold milk in the foodgerator.” (Refrigerator)

Vivi: (while standing in front of our side-by-side refrigerator) “If this side is the fridge, is this side the erator?” (No, dear, it’s the freezer.)

Carlos: “Mommy work on her punkcuter.” (Computer)

Vivi: “Can I drain the spaghetti in the…in the…noodler?” (That’s the collander.)

Victoria: (from many years ago) “Daddy is from Brasil, they speak porkacheese.” (Portuguese)

Victoria: (naming the 13 colonies) Georgia, Virginia, Delaware, North California, South California, New York, Connecticuts, Vermont, New Hamster…

It dawned on me today, after talking to Carlos’ teachers about the progress he’s making in communication, that the days of these sweet garbles are passing by quickly. I remember my Grandmama Irene once showed me a yellow legal pad where she had written down some of the funny things that my mom and Aunt Dixie had said as girls. Aunt Dixie liked to use the ruler “to inch stuff.” (measure)

My baby is inching on up there.

What were some of your favorite expressions that you’re kids created?

5 thoughts on “Family Phrasebook

  1. Chris Antenen

    Just like a mom! sigh You should have made us guess.
    Amy was more of a declarative sentence lover. She told my sister ‘This is my propety and my daddy paid a million dollars for it.’ (house on Morton Avenue)
    Wes, on the other hand was inquisitive about the animal kingdon. After spending the evening rolling, like a piece of clay, his acquisition from under a big rock, he greeted me way too early the next day with “Mom, do lizards sleep late in the morning?”
    I love the stories about the kids, Ashley, and I’ll never tell on you.

    1. Support

      Hahaha…this story reminded me of that time that Jackson carried half of a baby snake around for DAYS. Brett finally convinced him to put it in a plastic bag “to keep it safe.”

  2. Lori Lee Norris Bennett

    My precious Max has a bunch of Maxisms- most of them describe his sister, Morgan. He has said, “she’s a nosey-all.” (Knows it all) He has also told her not to have a “sissy-fit.” (Hissy fit)
    My husband always accuses me of relocating his things. Max says I “dislocate all of daddy’s stuff.” I love his words. They actually make a lot of sense!


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