It’s Going to Suck

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It’s been a tough week and it’s ONLY TUESDAY.

Tonight, I talked with a friend who is going through a hard few months, and today was especially awful. I shared with her another bit of advice from my sage friend, Robin. You might remember Robin from last week and that thought she once gave me about the worst thing you can do for someone you love.

You know how, in tough times, people often say, “It’s going to be OK” when they’re trying to provide comfort? Well, when Fartbuster and I were divorcing, I said, “It’s going to be OK” in front of Robin one day.

She shook her head gently and said:

“Oh, no, honey…It is going to suck. You are going to be OK.”

And that is the truth. Tough times are going to be tough. That’s why we had to make up a whole nuther word to describe them because “good times” didn’t work. Death of a loved one sucks. Divorce sucks. Parenting struggles, health problems, foreclosures–all that messy shit we live through every day SUCKS. But YOU are going to be OK.

Share that encouragement with someone today, whoever needs to hear it–even yourself.

4 thoughts on “It’s Going to Suck

  1. MKJoni

    Thanks Ashley. Good timing. Found out this week I will have to have a breast lumpectomy, probably followed by radiation…and that is going to suck, but I Will Be Okay! The other thing people often say is “it could be worse” and that’s true, but doesn’t make what you are dealt any easier.

    1. Baddest Mother Ever Post author

      I am pulling for you, Joni! You’re going to be OK, even if it sucks. I think it’s soooo heartless when people say, “It could be worse.” That invalidates everything you’re feeling!


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