Sunday Sweetness – “I Was Hers First”

love spokenToday is a day for reflection, so I wanted to share with you the best thing I read this week.  It’s from my friend Rachel’s brand new blog–Cynical Christian Like You.  She started her blog on the one-year anniversary of Baddest Mother Ever!!  

Rachel and her husband adopted their first daughter from foster care and the path was an arduous one.  This piece is called “I Was Hers First” and it’s about the invisible presence of that “other mother”:

For an adoptive parent, when an ER nurse looks at you like you are just another over-reacting mom, it is hard not to yell things like, “You will never understand who this girl is, what she cost, and what she means.” So you try to rein it in, act normally, even though you are terrified that you will have to call the other woman who loves your child as much as you do and tell her, “Um, I botched this.”

There is so much to botch. So much already botched. (read more)


And so much that Rachel has done right with this kid.  I hope you enjoy this story and that you’ll share it with other parents who might understand.  

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