Because I’m Not Cool Enough


Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Baddest Mother Ever!  It’s been an awesome year (FIRST year…more to come!) and I feel the need to mark this milestone by doing something really COOL.  

I’ve signed myself up for the Polar Bear PlungeFest!  This Saturday, I’ll hurtle headlong into the frigid waters of Lake Chapman, eat a couple of baby seals, then toss back an ice cold Coca Cola–because we all know that’s what polar bears do, right?  But it’s not just about fun and hypothermia.  The Polar Bear PlungeFest raises operating funds for Mercy Health Center, a medical clinic for low income patients right here in Athens, Georgia. 

Will you consider making a donation?  Here’s my challenge to y’all:  I’ll match every dollar that you donate (up to $200) this week!  Click on that adorable polar bear to go to my fundraising page.  I’m getting excited!

What does one wear to an event such as this?  

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